Featured Playgrounds

Play brings people together and having a place to gather, develop and have fun makes communities healthier and happier. Browse this selection of some of our favorite play environments in parks, at schools, as part of community centers and HOAs and be inspired to let play move you!


Friendship Park - West Covina, California

The colors of this community destination space will draw you in and the play value for people of all ages and abilities will keep you there imagining, moving, having fun and exercising outdoors! Including the neighborhood theme within a playspace offers the opportunity for children to imagine, role play and learn how they can be part of a community. Spinning, rocking and game play add even more opportunities for children of all abilities to interact together and build friendships. The play structure has so many ways to move around that children will have choices and want to keep coming back to play again and again. Adults aren’t left out of the movement! ACTIVATE® Fitness Circuit provides a full-body workout for ages 5-12 and 13+ and encourages families to workout together outdoors! Welcome to Friendship Park...you’ll never want to leave!



City Park - La Puente, California

There’s so much to love about City Park - the vast playspace with exciting play opportunities for every stage of life, the beautiful greenspace that surrounds the play environment, the exercise space and places to relax with family, friends and neighbors and so much more! Adventure is in abundance with two Nucleus Evolution Towers, a Rope Tunnel connecting them and Cobra Slides to slide down! Children ages 6-23 months and 2-5 have so many opportunities for age-appropriate play in play areas designed just for them with smaller hand and foot holds, soft, natural forms and lots of imaginative and role-playing opportunities. What an incredible space for the community members and visitors alike to be moved by play!